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josiah whiteSince its inception in 1854, Quakerdale has always existed to help children learn about Jesus and the personal disciplines needed to become healthy members of society.  Our vision statement: “To Serve as Christ Serves” comes from what our Founder, Josiah White, envisioned.  Josiah wanted to respond to the orphan problems of the 1800’s by providing a home environment where children were taught to know God and learn a strong work ethic.  He wanted to respond to the needs of the day … thousands of homeless street kids.  He wanted to give children the opportunity to have their basic needs met and grow spiritually!

Our culture and our country are different today compared to the 1800’s!  Our children are different.  Parents are different. And donors are different!   Quakerdale still serves thousands of children each year even though we no longer serve as many children in our cottages.  Now we provide day camps, parent training, counseling and community services!  Because our culture has changed, so has Quakerdale.

Quakerdale-logo-CMYKIn 2017 Quakerdale is leaping forward to form The Josiah White Community Foundation.  This will help us to broaden our impact across Iowa, the USA and abroad.  Instead of Quakerdale looking inward to operate our own services for children and families we are expanding our reach to look outward and come along side hundreds of other ministries, churches, and communities.  Quakerdale is strategically designing a plan to join with and support Christian organizations and churches that are already helping people effectively!

There is no need for Quakerdale to start more programs when we can help existing ministries become more efficient, stronger and more innovative!  And where there are service gaps or needs in communities we can find or even help provide the start-up resources for new independent ministries striving to Serve as Christ Serves as needed!

greatcommissionWe have a great calling to unconditionally serve the needs of our fellow humans (Matthew 25:31-46), and also to carry out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) by sharing the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere and the Josiah White Foundation will explode our opportunities for Quakerdale!

There will be more people touched and reached for Christ by enabling and supporting the great work already being done across the Earth!

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