Todd Hamilton to be Celebrity Professional at 2018 Lennox/Quakerdale Invitational Pro-Am Golf Tournament


May 10, 2018


Daniel L. Smith
Director of Development
Josiah White’s Quakerdale Foundation
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Todd Hamilton to be Celebrity Professional at 2018 Lennox/Quakerdale Invitational Pro-Am Golf Tournament

(Marshalltown, IA) – The Lennox/Quakerdale Golf Committee is proud to announce that Todd Hamilton will be this year’s celebrity professional at the Lennox/Quakerdale Invitational Pro-Am Golf Tournament.

Since its inception in 1988, this event has helped raise more than $1,873,000, and has provided Quakerdale with the funding needed to fill the gaps in youth and family services in Marshalltown, Marshall County, and numerous other locations across Iowa. This year’s event will be held on Thursday, June 14, and will once again be hosted at Elmwood Country Club in Marshalltown.


Todd started playing golf at the age of 7. He grew up playing on a nine-hole course in Biggsville, Illinois. He lists Jack Nicklaus as his hero, and credits his father for giving him his start in golf.

While at the University of Oklahoma, he was a three-time NCAA All-American. He turned pro in 1987 and has played on the Canadian Tour, the Asian Tour, the Japan Tour, the PGA Tour, and the Champions Tour. Todd received is PGA Players Tour card in 2003 and secured his place in golf history with a stunning victory in The Open Championship at Royal Troon in 2004, holding off Ernie Els during a four-hole playoff to win the Claret Jug. Hamilton became eligible to play on the Champions Tour after turning fifty in 2015.


Todd was born on October 18, 1965 in the small west-central Illinois city of Galesburg. He grew up in an even smaller town, Oquawka, in Henderson County on the Mississippi River. He attended Union High School in Biggsville, Illinois. His wife, Jacque, was his high school sweetheart. Todd and Jacque currently live in Westlake, TX with their three children; Tyler, Kaylee, and Drake.

Interesting Facts:
  • Almost quit golf prior to winning the 1992 Asian Tour order of merit.
  • First-tee introduction song would be the OU school song, “Boomer Sooner.”
  • If not a professional golfer, he would like to be a broadcaster.
  • Favorite golf courses are Muirfield Village Golf Club, Royal Troon, and Augusta National.
  • Favorite teams are the Oklahoma Sooners and the NHL’s Dallas Stars.
  • Favorite movies are “Animal House” and “Caddyshack.”
  • Favorite entertainers are Earth, Wind and Fire and Maroon 5.
  • Favorite athlete is Michael Jordan.
  • Biggest thrills outside of golf were when the Dallas Stars won the 1999 Stanley Cup, when Oklahoma won the 2000 NCAA national championship in football, and watching the Chicago Cubs win the World Series.
  • Special interests: Crossword puzzles and hockey


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2017 Lennox/Quakerdale Pro-Am Raises $110,000 for Iowa Youth and Families


June 26, 2017


Daniel L. Smith
Director of Development
(641) 497-5294 x1272

30th Annual Lennox/Quakerdale Invitational Pro-Am Golf Tournament Raises $110,000 for Iowa Youth and Families

Pictured left to right: Lee Eft, Rob Talbot, Lance Horbach, and Miguel Gutierrez.

(Marshalltown, IA) – Quakerdale announced today that the 2017 Lennox/Quakerdale Invitational Pro-Am Golf Tournament raised $110,000 to support their work with Iowa’s youth and families. This year’s event marked the 30th year that Lennox Industries Inc. and Lennox International Inc. have partnered with Elmwood Country Club to help raise funding for Quakerdale’s youth and family services.

An idea that was conceived in 1987 and first held in 1988 with a goal of raising $2,000 (which actually raised $12,000), has raised a total of $1,873,000 in it’s 30 year history.

Champions Tour Professional, Jerry Smith

104 amateurs, including Lennox executives, dealers, suppliers from all around the US and Canada, joined 26 Iowa PGA Professionals, celebrities Chuck Long, Bobby Hansen, Gary Thompson, Andy Garman, and Celebrity Professional Jerry Smith from the Champions Tour to play 18-holes of golf at Elmwood Country Club in Marshalltown. The day concluded with an awards and dinner banquet where Quakerdale was presented with a check for $110,000. Guest speaker Jon Janke (a 2017 graduate of Quakerdale’s Promise Academy) spoke of the impact Quakerdale’s program had on his life and thanked those attending for providing the funding necessary to keep this ministry going.


Tied for 6th place with a team scores of 61 were:

Brian Houchin, Normal, IL,
Jack Huether, St. Louis, MO
Mike Wood, Newton, IA
Doug Young, Richardson, TX
Nate McCoy, Iowa Golf Association, Ankeny, IA

Pete Kelly, Marshalltown, IA
John Miller, Rock Falls, IL
Larry Slauson, Robins, IA
Tom Sommers, Cleveland, OH
Mark Lemon, Airport National Golf Course, Cedar Rapids, IA

Jayme Honkomp, Peosta, IA
Gary Nystrom, Boone, IA
Scott Roberts, Niceville, IL
Christopher Serpe, Kenosha, WI
Dave Ranney, Lamoni Golf & Country Club, Lamoni, IA

Mike Bryant, Shawnee, KS
Bill Lawless, Eldora, IA
Scott Stalzer, Marshalltown, IA
Dan Webber, Marshalltown, IA
Jay Horton, All Star Pro Golf, Iowa City, IA

Tied for 3rd with a scores of 60 were:

Bill Carlson, Dallas, TX
Lee Eft, Polk City, IA
Chuck Long, Ames, IA
Steve Williams, Monticello, IA
Chris Black, Hickory Grove Country Club, Oelwein, IA

Lance Horbach, Tama, IA
Todd Karr, Montour, IA
Tony Giannetto, Marshalltown, IA
John Meyer, Dyersville, IA
Greg Dingel, Veenker Memorial Golf Course, Ames, IA

Tied for 2nd with a scores of 59 were:

Gary Bedard, Richardson, TX
Abie Chadderdon, Marshalltown, IA
Paul Liddell, Sidney, OH
Steve Meyer, State Center, IA
Sean McCarty, Brown Deer Golf Club, Coralville, IA

Les Lyons, Cassville, MO
Erick Peterson, Johnston, IA
Leroy Olson, Marshalltown, IA
Dan Weis, Fenton, MO
Sam Zoske, Elmwood Country Club, Marshalltown, IA

This years’s winning team finished with a team score of 58

John Cain, Calgary, AB, Canada
Scott Follesé, Crystal, MN
Marty Hardon, Tama, IA
Dick Tesar, Rhodes, IA
Ben Wollam, Elmwood Country Club, Marshalltown, IA





Hole #3 Closest to the Pin – John Ernat

Hole #6 Closest top the Pin – John Miller

Hole #12 Closest to the Pin – Scott Roberts

Hole #16 Closest to the Pin – Garrett Dickinson


Tied for 12th with a score of 71

Mark Rohde, from Elmwood Country Club, and
Greg Dingel, from Veenker Memorial Golf Course

Tied for 9th with a score of 70

Clark Smith, AHEAD,
Chuck Moran, American Legion Memorial Golf Cource, and
Jay Monahan, Sugar Creek Golf Course

Tied for 7th with a score of 69

Jay Horton, All Star Pro Golf, and
Grant Feilmann, Wakonda Club

Tied for 5th with a score of 68

Jeff Smith, Harvest Point Golf Course, and
Sam Zoske, Elmwood Country Club

The TOP Four:

4th Place with a score of 67, Chris Black, Hickory Grove Golf Course

3rd Place with a score of 65, Nate McCoy, Iowa Golf Association

2nd Place with a score of 64, Ben Wollam, Elmwood Country Club

Our 2017 Champion, is Sean McCarty, Brown Deere Golf Club with a score of 61

A big “Thank you” to all who participated in this year’s event, worked behind the scenes, served on the tournament committee, donated or provided goods and services. We look forward to “seeing you” again next year!

Lennox/Quakerdale Golf Committee

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Photos courtesy of Tom Apgar, Apgar Photography Studio, Marshalltown, Iowa


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Jerry Smith, 2017 Lennox/Quakerdale Celebrity Professional


May 9, 2017


Daniel L. Smith
Director of Development
(641) 497-5294 x1272

Jerry Smith 2017 Lennox/Quakerdale Invitational ProAm Golf Tournament Celebrity Professional

(Marshalltown, IA) – Quakerdale announced today that PGA Champions Tour Professional Jerry Smith will be their celebrity professional for the 30th Annual Lennox/Quakerdale Invitational ProAm Golf Tournament.

Jerry was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He is a graduate of Baylor University, and currently resides of Scottsdale, Arizona.  Jerry is the fourth generation in his family to participate in the golf industry. He credits his father, a course superintendent for more than 35 years in Oskaloosa, Iowa, for getting him involved in golf. Jerry and his wife Jennifer have two daughters, Giavanna and Olivia.

Jerry’s PGA accomplishments include a win at the 1991 Waterloo Open Golf Classic, an Asian Tour win at the 1998 Guam Open, and a Champions Tour win at the 2015 Encompass Championship played in Chicago llinoisL. His 3rd place finish at qualifying school this year has earned him exempt status on the PGA Champions Tour. This is Jerry’s third year on the Champions Tour and he is highly regarded by his peers.

Jerry Smith will be inducted in the Iowa Golf Hall of Fame on June 13th. On June 14th and 15th he will be joining the participants at the 30th Annual Lennox/Quakerdale Invitational ProAm Golf Tournament at Elmwood Country Club in Marshalltown.

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Hey, have you heard that corn causes cancer?

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What would Iowa farmers do if the world believed corn causes cancer?  At first, farmers would protest, reminding people that corn is great for feeding cattle, pigs and poultry.  But if consumers stopped buying corn, would Iowa farmers keep growing corn?  NO!  Corn production would stop FAST!

The shocker statement about corn is a metaphor for what Quakerdale is going through today, one that could also be applied to churches as well.

Would cancerous corn mean farmers were no longer farmers?

Farmers would still be farmers, but I believe  farming  would change radically and almost instantly.  For a few years, it would be tough.  Farmers would go through some really hard times and some would quit. But farmers would still be farmers with the goal of feeding the world and our rich black Iowa farm land would still be here.  The idea of growing crops would still be the mission of farmers and another crop or two or three would replace corn, and eventually Iowa farmers would be busy again through adaptation and planning.

Today, “best practices” taught in universities and among social service professionals claim that out-of-home group homes and shelters are universally bad for families.  This movement started back in the 1990’s.  This summer, responding to diminishing placements and these  “best practices,” Quakerdale closed the last of our group homes and shelter programs.  We closed our Waterloo and Manning campuses because enrollment had dropped (again) 20% from the previous 12 months in our remaining shelter programs.  The state (our customer for those services ) rarely requires kids to be helped in out-of-home services anymore.

Since June people have asked, “Does Quakerdale help any kids anymore?”

Quakerdale has a mission, just like Iowa farmers, and a cultural change will not stop our efforts.  Quakerdale exists to teach children about God and teach them discipline and work skills, a mission begun by our founder Josiah White in 1851.

Thankfully, Quakerdale has many other ministry programs which help thousands of children and their families each year!  Even though we are renting and willing to sell the Manning and Waterloo facilities,  we continue to have a clear mission to teach people about God and life skills,  just as we have been doing for over 165 years.

Just like the farmer with a mission to grow crops, Quakerdale is still a ministry with a mission.  While the approach was primarily group homes and shelters in the 70’s – 80’s, other programs and ministries have been developed.  Last year, Quakerdale served 3464 children and their families (some were served in more than one program).  167 of those children were served in our group homes and shelters.   That means that in 2015, 3297 were touched to by Quakerdale through home and community based programs!

Yes, folks, Quakerdale is still #makingadifference for kids and their families in Iowa and the midwest.  Our methods might be forced to change, and the means may change, but our mission remains the same!  That mission is what makes Quakerdale so special…

Please come to our web site to learn of all the different things going on at Quakerdale.   Or, if you are a facebook friend, like us there to see regular updates on what is happening at Quakerdale.   We are excited to see what God has for us in the future as we make room for his guidance and change at Quakerdale.

And PLEASE NOTE that Quakerdale ministries are made possible by the donations of volunteers and gifts of donations or assets of those from the past and present! Keep us in your annual or monthly charitable giving.  Remember us in your estate planning so you can leave a legacy with Quakerdale!

Rob Talbot, Quakerdale Executive Director

PS. I mentioned the church in my opening “shocker” metaphor. Have any of you noticed church attendance changing?  I believe that the church, like Quakerdale, and like the farmer, has the same important mission it has always had, but how it does it needs to change, and as soon as churches figure out what the change needs to be we will see church participation rise.  Watch this interesting video spoken to college students about the revival of our selves and of the church into the future.  It takes pruning and faith to go to the next place God has for us!  We have to stop doing old things in order to start new things for Christ!


Please share you comments on this blog and give us feedback on the impact Quakerdale has had on you or someone you know!