Thank You and Merry Christmas

This year we were blessed to have three people step up and underwrite the registration cost for charities and their teams to participate in the 2016 Quakerdale Winter Classic ProAm year-end fundraiser.

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2016 Quakerdale Winter Classic ProAm: Tournament Results

The official results are in. Below are your 2016 Division Medalists and Tournament Champions

Division Medalists

Professional Division

This year we had just two professional teams competing for participating charities as businesses.


Our Silver Medalist Team had 4 participants, shot an even Par 288, had 4 participants subscribe to the Quakerdale Winter Classic Newsletter, and had 4 participants subscribe to the National Alliance for Mental Illness, Black Hawk County Newsletter, for a total of 800 Tournament Points.

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Beginning a new year and reflecting on the past!

Today I received a letter from a former employee of Quakerdale.   In the context of the letter he mentioned the value of Quakerdale to the kids that he served in his tenure.  I can attest that when people know you are from Quakerdale they come and they tell you how their life was impacted by it.  Maybe personally or a family member or friend who made important changes in their life.   They received the things they needed to “become.”
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Thoughts from the course: Hole #18

As I approach Hole #18, I realize that there is no way of winning the #qwc2016proam without teamwork.  If I was responsible for winning the golf tournament all by myself, I would probably have never even tried.  I hear from different friends of Hope4Healing that they often feel the same way when a friend, family member, or person in the community is hit with a difficult situation in their life and they don’t know how to help.  You can always help by referring them to Hope4Healing!  Just hand them one of the contact cards and you have possibly made the biggest impact in helping them overcome their struggles.
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