Looking Forward to July at Wolfe Ranch

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Looking Forward to July at The Ranch!

The Ranch was a busy place in June! We hosted two summer camps that were a ton of fun!  The campers learned about different disciplines in the horse world, participated in a Friendship EAL, played games, and spent some time in the saddle.  If you missed out, don’t worry! It’s not too late to sign up for our last camp of the summer on 7/11-7/13.

KidsWithHorseWe also kicked off our 3:16 Riding Club in June with nearly 30 kids in attendance!  Pastor Carlos Jerez shared a wonderful message with everyone. Clubbers enjoyed riding horses, playing games and decorating cookies.  The next meeting of this club is 7/16 from 9 AM-NOON, and it is free to attend.  It is sure to be another fun and exciting time to ride and fellowship!  Sign up on our website, and parents are always welcome to stay through the event.

HorseWithKidsIt’s never too late to join our riding lesson program. Lessons will continue through the summer and fall and can be scheduled with Mindy by emailing mvanlaningham@quakerdale.org.  Also, don’t forget that Wolfe Ranch is the perfect place to host a birthday party, meeting, or reunion.  The Ranch building can be rented for your guests, and you can add horse activities to make the event extra special!  Simply email bshibe@quakerdale.org to reserve your date.

Check out our schedule of events for July and watch our Facebook page for Fall activities that will be posted soon.

7/1-7/3                 FBEAP Certification Clinic

7/5-7/10               Marshall Country Fair – Visit our horses and 4-Hers!

7/11-7/13            Summer Camp – Register at wolferanchquakerdale.org

7/14                       Riding lessons – email mvanlaningham@quakerdale.org to schedule

7/16                       3:16 Riding Club 9AM-12PM – Register at wolfranchquakerdale.org

Volunteers needed:  email mvanlaningham@quakerdale.org

7/16                       Private Birthday Party 1PM-4PM

7/21                       Riding Lessons – email mvanlaningham@quakerdale.org to schedule

7/23                       Private Birthday Party 2PM-5 PM

8/3                         Veteran’s Home Visit 2PM-4PM

Volunteers needed: email mvanlanigham@quakerdale.org


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2016 Lennox/Quakerdale Invitational Pro-Am Twitter Contest Results

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Lennox/Quakerdale Invitational Pro-Am

Quakerdale held their 2nd annual social media contest during the Lennox/Quakerdale Invitational Pro-Am. Tournament participants were encouraged to tweet pictures and/or videos throughout the day, then get as many friends, followers, and family to like and re-tweet their photos/videos by midnight on the Sunday following the event. Quakerdale offered three prizes to the photo or video with the most likes: 3rd place received $75, 2nd place $150, and 1st place $300. This year they had 24 entries from 7 Twitter accounts. 12 entries were submitted by @Quakerdale, four by @WesBlanch, three by @AngelaBlasiola, two by @SocialSaraB, and one each by @AdamKoester, @KalinsIndoor, and @630_Tim.

This year’s winners were:

3rd place with 4 Likes
@AngelaBlasiola and @KalinsIndoor. Each received $40

2nd place with 8 Likes
@WesBlanch. He received $150

1st place with 37 Likes
@630_Tim. He received $300

We want to say, “Thank you” to all who submitted, liked, and re-tweeted this year. I hope you enjoyed the contest and plan on participating again next year.

To see all the photos, video, and other online resources from the 2016 tournament, CLICK HERE to subscribe to our newsletter.

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Beat the Heat with a Quakerdale Retreat!

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Do you need a place for a family get away, spiritual retreat, a business meeting, or even a special event?  Well, we here at Quakerdale have just the place for you!  At the Retreat and Event Center we offer nine single rooms and a full kitchen on the main floor and you can even rent a family style suite that has its own bathroom and kitchen.  Lastly, we have a huge space that could be used for business meetings, youth group meetings, or special events like birthday parties or baby showers!

See how affordable our prices are:

  • Single Room:
    single room
    Single Room
    • $25/night/room
    • $100/week/room
  • Family Suite
    • $40/night
    • $160/week
  • Meeting Room:
    • $40/hour
    • $150/day
  • Entire Center
    • $450/night
    • $250/day only

So you have a place to stay now.  What do you do while you stay here in New Providence, Iowa?  Have you ever considered horseback riding lessons?  In a mere 40 minute trip to the Quakerdale Wolfe Ranch in Marshalltown you can partake in group or individual riding lessons.  Too hot or too exhausted and you’d rather just kick back and relax?  We are only 15 minutes from the Eldora swimming pool!  Feeling a little guilty about all the snacks you ate during your mini get-away?  With a 2 minute walk to our Boer Center, we have a fully equipped gym to help you sweat away that guilt!

MeetingsEveryone knows it’s not a vacation, get away, party, or meeting without food!  With the full kitchen you are more than welcome to supply your own meals, but otherwise we have some great catering options as well.  Some local places that cater are: Subway, HyVee, and Pizza Ranch all out of Eldora.  Also, there are many local restaurants within a 20 minute drive.  On the off chance these do not work, other arrangements can be made.

Here at Quakerdale we are trying to start many programs like a Pastor Forum, Weekend Bible Training Workshop, and many kid camps. Be sure to check out our calendar so see updates on these events or give us a call to discuss your desire!

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Press Release

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June 21, 2016


Daniel L. Smith
Director of Development

(641) 497-5294


Quakerdale Ends Emergency Shelter, Child Welfare Emergency Services, and Supervised Apartment Living Contracts

(New Providence, Iowa) – On June 10, 2016 the board of Directors of Quakerdale conducted a three year strategic planning session.  The following information is a result of those strategic decisions made.

Quakerdale has a 165 year history of working with children and families in the state of Iowa and we plan to continue our work until the Lord returns.  In order to fulfill these goals we must make difficult decisions to ensure our longevity and more importantly to respond to our always changing culture.

Over the last 30 years the state of Iowa has been transparently reducing the number of children and state funding for out of home services.  Over the last 16 years Quakerdale has been growing our privately funded community ministries to fulfill our mission to “Encourage hope, faith and growth in communities and families.”   These ministry programs (which are privately funded) are designed to move us into the future independent of state funding.  Quakerdale ministries are impacting hundreds of children and families each year all across the state of Iowa without state funds!  Quakerdale is determined to respond to the needs of our communities for another 165 years!

Now for the hard news:

Quakerdale has decided to end our Emergency Shelter, Child Welfare Emergency Services, and Supervised Apartment Living contracts with the state due to the new contracting risks in 2017, high program costs, and other mounting challenges.

This means over 20 children and 30 employees will be impacted today.

This was a painful decision and we grieve for the children we will not serve and our dedicated employees who will no longer be serving with us.  Our employees

are a part of our Quakerdale family and closing these programs means each one and their families will suffer.  We regret this deeply and will do everything we can to help each one transition as soon as possible.  We hope each worker will continue to support children and families in Iowa.  These are top notch people with hearts of gold.

We hope that our open facilities in Manning and Waterloo will be used by another agency or company to fulfill their role in the community. Quakerdale is forming community grants that will fund causes for children and families in each community in thanks for the wonderful support each community has given us.  We desire to stay active in these communities into the future!

You may be wondering, “What will happen to the other things we do apart from Emergency Shelter, Child Welfare Emergency Services, and Supervised Apartment living programs?”

Many people do not realize that each of our privately funded ministries, by themselves, are as large as other non profits and impact literally hundreds of people each year!

Here are some examples: Community counseling across Iowa, Wolfe Ranch retreat and Equine services in Marshalltown, Promise Academy for Kids and Post-Graduate Basketball in New Providence, and Hope4Healing and Mobile Camp are state wide ministries.  We will continue each one of these ministries! As always, we will continually evaluate each one and other new opportunities based on community needs, their effectiveness, and the resources we have through donor support.

We want to restate:  We grieve for those children we will not serve and our dedicated employees who will be impacted because we are ending these three programs.  We implore our supporters to keep each of these in their prayers.


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