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We had a great time at the Carroll Country Club celebrating the results of our first-ever Quakerdale Winter Classic ProAM. If you missed the festivities, don’t worry. We have posted video footage and created a couple picture albums on Google+ just for you.



Album #1

Album #2


Dan Smith
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2015 Winter Classic Pro-Am Raises $13,480

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December 21, 2015


Daniel L. Smith
Director of Development

(641) 497-5294

Quakerdale Winter Classic ProAM Raises $13,480

(New Providence, Iowa) – The 2015 Quakerdale Winter Classic Pro-AM Golf Tournament was successful in raising $13,480 for Quakerdale and its ministries.  The online, cyber,year-end fundraiser was held Monday, December 7 through Saturday, December 12. The event was hosted by Carroll Country Club in Carroll, Iowa.

161 people participated in the event: 142 from Iowa, 18 from other states within the US, and one international. The event was designed to expand awareness of Quakerdale and its 11 ministries. The event hashtag, #QWC2015, reached more than 71,000 Twitter accounts and  left 392,000 impressions. Web traffic increased by a factor of 23 times and page views by 34 times.

Former Quakerdale resident, Nicole Carpentier spoke at the closing award desert on December 17th. For full details …


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Official Results: 17 Teams with 161 Participants Raise $13,480

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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!


On behalf of the Quakerdale Board of Trustees, I want to thank everyone who had a part in making the 2015 Quakerdale Winter Classic ProAM a great success.


IMG_0612Many hands were involved in making this event a reality.  I would like to acknowledge those whose hard work contributed to the success of the first-ever cyber golf tournament.

When the Development Council decided to close the Manning Golf Outing, they also recommended that we replace it with an alternative fundraising effort. Their first suggestion was to use a more traditional fundraising letter until something else could be created. I created that letter and submitted it to our Executive Director, Rob Talbot. After reading it, one of his first comments was, “Isn’t there something we can do that is closer to actually playing golf than just a letter?”

A concept team was formed, and what you all experienced this past week was a result of their work.

Concept Team:

  • Beth Nederhoff
  • Dave Holm
  • Barb Sanders
  • Ryan Keller
  • Rachel Faircloth (summer intern)

Technology Team:

  • Dave Schwechel (Database Design)
  • Beth Nederhoff (Data entry)
  • Micah Thompson, Thompson Designs (Website design, Social media accounts, and all forms used throughout the tournament)
  • – ExactPrecsions (Table Templates)

Video & Graphic Arts

  • Jason Kinney (Training video production)
  • – Hempsta (Course tour video editing, Bulgaria)
  • – InfinityAdvert (Participant Certificate Design, India. Each participant will receive a personalized numbered certificate similar to the one displayed to the right.)

Our Host and Course Sponsor – Carroll Country Club

  • Course Professional – Nick Schon
  • General manager, Jeremy Rierson


Quakerdale Board and Executive Director, Rob Talbot

  • Willingness to innovate
  • Support throughout the event
  • Board Chair, Wes Blanchard

Hole Sponsors: Holes 1-9 were hosted by our business partners and holes 10-18 by our ministry partners. Hole 19, extended play from midnight Saturday to midnight Wednesday was hosted by Quakerdale. This year’s business partners were:


Trophy2.1Tournament competition was divided into 5 categories:

A point system was developed to determine the champion in each category. Points were awarded as follows:

  • For each dollar raised – 1 point
  • For each member on a team – 100 points
  • For each stroke a team’s score was below par – 100 points
Three Star Bargain Bay

Professional Team Tournament Champion

  • Three businesses participated
  • Three Star Bargain Bay
    • Golfed at a 2 under, 282
    • Had 6 members
    • Raised $200
    • For a total of 1,000 points
Dan & Suzie Smith Family – Andy Smith

Amateur Team Tournament Champion

  • The Dan & Suzie Smith Family
    • Golfed at a 1 under, 283
    • Had 17 members
    • Raised $875
    • For a total of 2,675 points
Jim & Deb Auen

Individual Tournament Champion

  • Jim & Deb Auen
    • Golfed at a 12 under, 59
    • Had 1 member
    • Raised $1,000
    • For a total of 2,300 points
Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends, Wes Blanchard

50-50 Partner Tournament Champion

  • Teams in this category were participating on behalf of Quakerdale and a second charity.
  • ½ of all funds raised will be divided between two ministries
  • Our tournament champion for 50-50 Partners is the Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends
    • Golfed at a 14 under, 267
    • Had 10 member
    • Raised $1,000 ($500 for Quakerdale, and $500 for Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends)
    • For a total of 3,700 points
Manning Campus, Jim Auen Accepting

Ministry Partner Tournament Champion

  • Teams in this category represent the 11 different ministries supported by Quakerdale
  • In 2014, these programs delivered more than 3,000 services to people in 60+ Iowa counties, and 5 other states.
  • 90% of the funds raised go directly toward the underwriting of each ministry
    • Hope4Healing finished with 350 points
    • Marriage Conference finished with 600 points
    • Family Services finished with 680 points
    • Wolfe Ranch finished with 960 points
    • Promise Academy finished with 1,360 points
    • Waterloo Campus finished with 2,950 points
    • Mobile Camp finished with 3,350 points
    • Eagle Basketball finished with 3,730 points
    • Van Orman House finished with 4,000 points
    • And Quakerdale finished with 5,685 points
  • Our tournament champion for Ministry Partners is Manning Campus
    • They golfed at a 27 under 257
    • Had 23 member
    • Raised $4,340
    • For a total of 9,340 points


Marriage Conference

Marriage Conference

  • had 4 members, who
  • raised $75
  • 1 extra member joined after the checks were written. That brings their donation total to $100.


Family Services

Family Services

  • had 6 members, who
  • raised $80


Wolfe Ranch

Wolfe Ranch

  • had 8 members, who
  • raised $160


Promise Academy

Promise Academy

  • had 5 members, who
  • Raised $560


Mobile Camp

Mobile Camp

  • had 9 members, who
  • raised $650


Waterloo Campus

Waterloo Campus

  • had 5 members, who
  • raised $750


Eagle Basketball

Eagle Basketball

  • had 15 members, who
  • raised $780
  • Eldora Hy-Vee was a Professional Team partner




  • had 29 members, who
  • raised $925
  • They had 2 Professional Teams, Aplington Artworks & Three Star Bargain Bay, and one Amateur Team, Dan & Suzie Smith Family, as partners


Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends

Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends

  • had 8 members, who
  • raised $925
  • They were raising funds on behalf of Quakerdale and the Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends. Two additional members joined after the check was written, bringing their total donations to $1,000.


Van Orman House

Van Orman House

  • had 14 members, who
  • raised $350
  • Two additional members joined after the check was written, bringing their total donations to $1,400.




  • had a tournament record 35 members, who
  • raised $2,210
  • They had Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends as a 50-50 Partner.


Manning Campus

The final check goes to Manning Campus

  • They had 24 members, who
  • raised a tournament record $5,340
  • They had Jim & Deb Auen as an Individual Partner.


The total dollars raised comes to $13,480

As great as that number is, here is what is even more impressive:

  • We had 161 participants – compared to 15 foursomes (60 golfers) that would have participated in the Manning Golf Outing. These golfers would have been exclusively from the Manning/Carroll area. This event dramatically expanded the demographic reach.
  • The Winter Classic had:
    • 142 participants from all across Iowa,
    • 18 participants from other states within the US, and
    • One International participant.
  • TweetReport
    #QWC2015 Twitter Report

    Exposure on Social Media

    • 392,065 impressions on Twitter reached 71,402 accounts.
    • That’s an average of 5+ opportunities for each person to learn about Quakerdale and one of our ministries.
  • Website Traffic
    • The week of November 9-14
      • we had 37 Users, explore 135 pages on our web sites
    • The week of December 7-12
      • we had 864 Users, explore 4,615 pages on those same sites
    • that’s 23 times the Users and 34 times the page views.

This event was a huge success – Thank you for making it happen!

What will 2016 look like?

Respectfully Submitted,

Dan Smith
Tournament Director … Email_1 (Thumb)

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Quakerdale: (641) 497-5294 –
Carroll Country Club:

Clubhouse: 712-792-9206 –
Golf Pro Shop: 712-792-1255 –

Closing Award Dessert — TONIGHT!!

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Thursday, December 17th

invitedCarroll Country Club

7:00 to 9:00 PM

Admission is free

What will happen?

  • Tournament trophies awarded
  • Donation checks presented
  • Special Speaker, Nicole Carpentier will give an update on how Quakerdale helped shape her life today.

I hope you can join us. If you are planning to attend, please RSVP to Jeremy and tell him how many will be in your party so he can plan for enough desserts.

Dan Smith
Tournament Director … Email_1 (Thumb)

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Quakerdale: (641) 497-5294 –
Carroll Country Club:

Clubhouse: 712-792-9206 –
Golf Pro Shop: 712-792-1255 –