A BIG Thank You!

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Mobile Camp 2015 has crossed the finish line and we praise God for all that He has done through our ministry this summer. Many lives were touched with God’s love and the seeds of the gospel were planted into young people’s hearts.

MC Mason CityWe want to THANK everyone who helped in any way throughout the summer and we hope you were as blessed as we were by your service. We also want to THANK everyone who has prayed for our ministry and we want you to know that your prayers were truly answered by God. Prayer is the avenue to which God provides the power and strength of our ministry.

We also want to THANK the parentIGF Bs who allowed us the opportunity to minister to andMC Eldora 2015 serve their children. We grew to love them all in just a short period of time and realize what special gifts they are from God. We also want to THANK the kids for being so good and doing so well at Mobile Camp. We were there to serve them but many, many times they touched our hearts with a kind word, a picture, a hug or a smile that was truly priceless.

MC Webster 2015We want to THANK all those who have supported us financially. Mobile Camp is free to all kids but we are only able to provide it by the gifts God provides through donors who believe in this ministry. We hope to expand and grow our ministry next year and we pray that you will consider giving to this ministry.

Most importantly we want to THANK GOD because He is the reason this ministry exists and serves and grows and is a blessing to children. Mobile Camp is His Work and we are His tools to be used to reach the lives of kids in need. We strive to do everything to bring glory and honor to Him!

Thank you and God Bless!

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2015-2016 School Year Begins

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(New Providence, Iowa) – Sunday afternoon marked the official beginning of the 2015-2016 school year at the Promise Academy.IMG_0581 A barbecue lunch of pork burgers, baked beans, potato chips, and watermelon was provided for students, parents, and staff. This year’s student body consists of 4 residential educations boys and 10 Eagle prep basketball players.IMG_0574

“We are excited about another year and the growth we will see in these boys as they work toward becoming godly men”, said school administrator, Larry Ketcham.

To follow all the activities of the Academy, be sure to:

Welcome, Gentlemen. Our prayers are with you.

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